* Please note you can only cancel 6 nights per calendar month. For exceptional circumstances please contact Hannah by text/email before date of stay.

To cancel a booking login to your account where you will see your bookings listed. If you wish to cancel a booking first check you are canceling the correct date. If you accidentally cancel the wrong booking please re-book straight away.

If you wish to cancel only part of a multi-night booking you will need to cancel the whole of the original booking and then re-book the dates that you require.

You may cancel your room up to 1pm UK local time on the day of your stay but we would really appreciate as much notice as possible.

"The latest cancellation time is 1pm, please call Hannah on 07971 524289 and we will attempt to re -let your room. If we are unsuccessful we will have to ask you to pay for the room."

Thank you for your understanding.